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At a Glance

In a market increasingly crowding into large cap equities, we make concentrated investments in smaller, often overlooked family companies ("hidden champions") where compelling value creation opportunities exist.

Unique collaboration

ACE Family Fund is a private equity initiative from Econopolis, a Belgian financial-economic advisory firm. The name is also an English adjective for 'outstanding'.


Investment area

We take equity participations in family-run or entrepreneur-owned businesses (so called ‘hidden champions’) in Belgium and beyond. The focus of the fund is on capital development (no buy-out / buy in or replacement capital) where the management of the target firms continues with newly installed governance, skin in the game and sustainable objectives.

Sweet spot

We aim for a €2M to €20M investment per company with the ability to invest up to 10% of the fund in attractive early stage opportunities with short term profitability. The fund takes significant minority stakes with extensive minority rights or majority stakes with preferably management staying in place.


Econopolis is active as financial-economic advisor and regulated investment management firm, focused on the sustainable long term trends written in the books Econoshock (2008) and Gigantism (2019) by Geert Noels. The firm offers a broad range of investment services and solutions, from single- & multi-assets funds, to thematically and patrimonial investment funds. The group has offices over 3 locations (Antwerp, Geneva & Singapore) and manages more than €2B for financial institutions (like Crelan, Belfius and Banque CPH), institutionals, entrepreneurs & families.

Our edge

Proven trackrecord in private equity

Building on proven track record of Econopolis (Kyra I Fund)

Unique family business DNA & focus

We invest as minority or majority shareholder with the family/management behind the firm.

Exclusive business network

Established to connect capital, making the powerful link between high growth businesses and Econopolis’ exclusive investment club.

Entrepreneurial experience

Connecting those with the potential and the impetus to drive business growth with the businesses of tomorrow.

Transparent, cost-friendly & tax-efficient structure

The fund is set up as a tax-efficient Belgian 'private privak' with low management fees.

Proprietary dealflow

Funneling of investments and deals through Econopolis’ business network.

Diversified approach

Sector agnostic view on family businesses, managed by a competent and experienced investment team.

Slow money

We don’t believe in fast and furious entries and/or exits. We take carefully-considered long-term investment decisions.

Want to connect with us?

If you seek equity funding for your middle market business or if you are an investor seeking investment opportunities in family companies, do not hesitate to contact us.

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